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Damn I'm Good / iPod Predictions

Apple's iPod Page

I was so dead on! I got the shuffles right (minus the color change, which I think is really bad anyway, the older colors were much better). I got the nanos right. And I got the iPod 'touch' basically right. I didn't see the iPod classic, but hey I guess the more iPods the better! I don't consider the iPhone nano a miss, it is probably coming in another month or so. Now I really want to buy more iPods. I want a nano for my car and a touch for me and I already have a hot orange shuffle.

Only problem is that it seems the iPod touch does not have an email client. That kind of sucks. I want to be able to surf the web, email, and iChat with people. Then i'll be complete :-)

I've actually been thinking about buying a Palm Tungsten C lately. It started as a way for me to debug MenuLizard Mobile. But as I looked at it, that kind of palm, with built in keyboard and wifi, could be a lot of fun. Not as the "organizer" its intended to be, but as an "internet communication device".

Yikes more news as I type this. 8GB iPhone drops from $599 to $399! Now I want one of those too!

OK screw then palm pilot.