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John's iPod / iPhone Predictions

OK. Here are my own personal iPod predictions. There is an Apple Special Event this week, although my predictions may turn out to be a little more long term than that. Anyway, here's the goods:

• iPhone - The current iPhone stays as is for a while to come.

• iPhone Nano - Apple comes out with a cheaper iPhone, missing some functionality. What is missing? I don't know. My best guess is that it has a cell phone and an iPod but not much internet capabilities.

• iPod Shuffle - I love my Orange shuffle! It stays pretty much the same, only greater capacity

• iPod Nano - Capacity doubled, or more. Screen maybe enlarged and given more capabilities. Nano turned into a thinner, smaller version of todays "regular" iPod.

• iPod - The "regular" iPod turns into iPhone without the Phone. It has the nice wide touchscreen, wifi for internet, full web brower, email, all the other good stuff, and of course an iPod.