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Pandemic Operating Information

On-Site and in-home appointments are back!
I am fully vaccinated and if you are also vaccinated, we can resume on-site work as of June 7th. Drop-off and Remote Screen Sharing appointments will still be available for those that are not vaccinated or just prefer it. Details on how the remote and off-site process work are listed below.

Remote Screen Sharing

With remote screen sharing, I will connect to your computer using Apple's built in screen sharing system. This will let us speak to each other over the connection, but not see each other. Instead, I will see and be able to control your computer screen. If you are having software problems, or configuration/setup issues, this method can work well. It doesn't always work perfectly because it relies on several other technologies being configured correctly, including your home network.
Incoming Screen Sharing Notification
There are some preliminary steps you can take to help streamline the process of initiating a screen sharing session before the appointment. Please see setup instructions below if you want to do this. Please note, screen sharing only works on Mac computers. There is no way I can remotely see your iPhone screen or iPad screen, aside from some facetime acrobatics using another device.

Off-Site Repairs

If you are having a hardware problem, I'm going to have to work on the computer in person. You can drop off the computer at my home in Stoneham, or I can come pick it up at your home (normal travel fees apply). I quarantine all computers for 24 hours before I work on them. After that, I can do whatever repairs are needed, whether it's an SSD upgrade, a screen replacement, data transfer, or whatever the computer(s) need.
Chevy Trailblazer wayback If you are dropping off your computer(s), I do no-contact drop-off. We arrange a time for you to come by. When you arrive, text me and I will remotely unlock my vehicle aka the MacFixer-Mobile. It is an SUV, you can then open the rear liftgate and put everything in the back. When you are done, I will remotely lock it keeping your hardware safe. Shortly after that, I'll go get it and bring it inside. This system, while odd, works extremely well. When it is done, we'll do the same process in reverse.
I can also come pick up your computer(s) if you prefer doing it that way. Please note I try to keep the appropriate distance and wear a mask. I would prefer it if you brought the computer(s) outside to me so I don't have to go indoors. Normal travel fees apply to each trip I take to your location. Details on these fees are located on the Information & Pricing page.

Screen Sharing Pre-Appointment Setup Steps

You can do some preliminary setup work on your computer before a remote appointment to save some time in initiating the call.
In System Preferences, make sure you are fully logged-in to your AppleID. This is under iCloud in older versions of macOS, or in a separate AppleID section on newer versions. Make sure it doesn't need you to re-type your password. You do not need to change which iCloud services are checked off:
iCloud Preferences
In System Preferences, in the Sharing section, make sure the box for "Screen Sharing" is checked. You generally don't need to change the "Allow Access For:" settings:
Sharing System Preferences
Open up the Messages program (inside your Applications folder) and make sure you are logged in, and using the same AppleID that you are using for iCloud above. If you click on the "Messages" menu and choose "Preferences...", then click on the "iMessage" tab, you will either see your AppleID logged in, or you will see a prompt to log in with your AppleID:
Messages.app Preferences