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iPodiTunesEveryone loves digital music. But not everyone has time to sit at their computer and import their entire music collection. An average computer takes about 10 minutes to import a full length CD. If you have even 200 CDs, that's over 30 hours of continuous CD Ripping. Assuming you eat, sleep, have a job, and a life; you are easily looking at a months worth of work, maybe more.

The alternative? Give us a call. For $1.00 per CD, we'll come to your house or place of work, take all your CDs and your iPod, and in a day or two, your iPod will return chock full of music, and your whole collection of music will be digitized. To many working people, time is money. To others, they'd just rather have someone else do it. Some people don't like sitting in front of their computers for hours. We love it!

Not in the Boston area? Give us an email. You can mail your CDs to us, and we can rip them all, put them on DVD ROMs or an external hard drive and mail them back to you.

Mac orPC

We'll come pick up all of your CDs...

We'll rip your entire music collection...

We'll return your CDs...

We'll load all the music on to your computer...

We can even sync up your iPod

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